Bulk Fuels

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Bulk Fuels

Windecker Inc. delivers bulk quantities of diesel and gasoline to a variety of Commercial End Users, including: truck and bus fleets, distribution centers, construction firms, mining companies, government fleets and agriculture operations. Using our own fleet of bulk trucks, we aim to consistently provide unsurpassed service and reliability with competitive pricing, while offering value added resources to our customers.

Value-Added Services:

Custom Price Controls
• Index Pricing
• Fixed Forward Pricing
• Same Day Spot Pricing

Equipment Sales & Leasing
• Above Ground Storage Tanks
• Inventory Monitors

Supply Chain Optimization
• Reduce Cash tied up in excess inventory
• Auto-forecast purchase timing with market swings.
• Reduce delivery costs
• Reduce labor expenses associated with Fuel Management

Regulatory Advice
• Know fuel storage regulations
• Maintain proper decals
• Keep alert of upcoming regulations


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