Windecker Fuel Services

       Windecker Fuel Services is a family owned petroleum delivery and service company. Through forty years and three generations the company has grown to be a leading fuel distributor in Northern California. Utilizing our own fleet of trucks and our physical bulk storage locations we supply truck stops, gas stations, farmers, truckers, government entities, and other commercial end users. However, we are not just a fuel delivery company. Our goal is to help our customers buy fuel better and our deep experience, knowledge of the markets, and relationships with the major oil companies allows us to do just that.


Windecker Inc was founded in 1980 by Edward Windecker after working as a commission agent for Standard Oil for 35 years. From his bulk storage plant in Los Banos, CA Ed ran the company with the help of his son John serving the local community. During the first ten years in business Ed built up a large agricultural customer base and began supplying gas stations as a Chevron branded marketer. In 1988 Ed retired and John took over as president of the company. In 1993 John partnered with CFN to give his customers access to a nationwide commercial fueling network. The company grew throughout the 90s and in 1999 John opened a new Chevron gas station in the heart of Los Banos.

In 2006, John’s son Brett Windecker joined the company and introduced new tools to help customers better manage their fuel supply and control price volatility. In 2011 Windecker became an early entrant into the renewable fuels market and is now one of the largest biodiesel suppliers in Northern California. The company continues to be on the leading edge of the industry but hasn’t lost its focus on helping customers buy fuel better.

Brett currently runs the company as Vice President and CEO with John still working as the active President.