Bulk Fuels

Bulk Fuel

       The companies we serve perform the essential work that keeps the economy moving. We are proud to be a partner to the farmers, truckers, gas stations, construction companies, factories and government.   These businesses and agencies do everything from harvesting the food we eat to providing the health and safety services we need. They are the lifeblood of the economy and they rely on us to provide the reliable energy source they need to get their jobs done.

Bulk Fuel Buying Services

Protect your bottom line without going through the laborious process of quoting out every purchase of fuel. By using a benchmark price contract, you can fix your fuel price based on a third party published price. This allows you to negotiate a price just once a year so you can get back to running your business instead comparing quotes every day. 


We provide daily price quotes in all Northern California markets. Our relationship with every major refiner, broker and importer on the West Coast gives us the ability to negotiate the lowest possible price and extend those savings to our customers.

Want to know exactly what your fuel costs are going to be in the future? Fixed price contracts allow you to do just that. We make hedging fuel prices simple and easy to use. 

Take the worry out of your fuel order process with wireless tank technology. All tank information is available real-time via a secure web site from any computer or mobile device– so you can monitor your usage and deliveries.

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